When you've decided that you love wine more than the normal person and you're not willing to sacrifice for anything but the best, there's an intelligent way to buy and collect wine. We have a strategy that has lasted longer than the rest. The strategy is to form a common bond with other wine collectors. This bond allows you to buy sell and trade wine amongst friends. Our friends are people like you. Here's how we do it: 

1. Information - We follow quarterly and monthly progress reports from the grow and harvest periods, while we network with industry insiders to secure allocations. We harness supply and demand from the point of true opportunity

2. Scoring - In the past scoring came after futures. This has changed since 2000. Scoring now coincides directly with futures so there is hype surrounding the offer. 

3. Futures - Commonly known as en-primeur, up to two years before wines are bottled and shipped they are offered for sale on a futures basis. As a result of this hype program, price increases at the winery and the negociant levels have continued drastically. We rarely recommend buying futures.

4. Negotiation - We network within Private Equity Groups and Family Offices to find rare wine collections. We perform valuation, provenance and negotiation services at a fair price to ensure you get wines at optimal prices and full disclosures on your wine asset

5. Post Delivery - We offer continued support to our Clients including logistics, insurance, cellar advisory and sell-side assistance with auction houses and via our Private Client Network. 

6. Liquidity Event - If there comes a point when you want to sell your wine collection, we know who's performing at maximum levels. We provide a strategy that delivers maximum ROI over a sustained sale period.

If you want to take a stab at doing this yourself, then I have written a book on this called Investing in Fine Wine - How to Buy, Sell and Profit from the World's Most Delicious Asset. You can download it on Amazon here or you can purchase a hard copy at http://estatewinebrokers.com/investing-in-fine-wine-book/


Alex Andrawes

Chairman & Founder