If you're curious about the market value of your wine collection, use the form below to send us a list of your wines (be sure to include every producer, vineyard or proprietary name, vintage, bottle size, and quantity available), or use the file upload field to send us bottle images or inventory documents.  We will respond quickly with a complimentary appraisal.



Update 4/6: An individual in California recently inherited a wine collection and asked us, "How much is my wine worth?"  Among other things, the cellar included a bottle each of 1961 Latour, 1982 Cheval Blanc, 1983 Margaux, and 1990 Lafite Rothschild, and the market value of the parcel was over $42,000!

Update 4/13: A collector in California wished to sell his collection and asked, "How much is my wine worth?"  The parcel includes bottles of 2003 Lafite Rothschild, 2000 Margaux, 2005 Harlan Estate, 2005 Pavie, 2000 Gaja Costa Russi, and a Magnum of 2009 Schrader Cabernet Sauvignon Old Sparky Backstoffer To Kalon Vineyard.  We appraised that collection at over $31,000!

Update 5/22: A collector in Arizona sent us a short list of wine that included recent releases from Schrader, Scarecrow, and Harlan Estate, and the market value of those 28 bottles was over $11,500!

Update 6/13: A group of businessmen in Texas inquired about the value of a very large parcel that contained over 600 bottles, primary recent vintage Bordeaux (Lafite Rothschild, Carruades de Lafite, Margaux, Duhart Milon, and others), Burgundy (DRC and Claude Dugat), and California (Pride Vineyards).  The total value of this parcel was over $179,000!